About us

When a desire to protect the environment meets with the values of vegan eating, a strong partnership is formed. Focused firmly on sustainability while producing ready to eat easy vegan meals, we aim to help you be healthy while looking after our planet.

The company was founded by two school friends who, in later life, have come together with a passion for delivering sustainable, varied, vegetarian Asian food to the western world. We believe this sustainability is part of the solution for tackling climate change.

Subodhini is a full-time veterinary surgeon, and Anjula is an engineer who runs her own firm. Both founders originally come from Jaffna, SriLanka – when combined with our sustainable crop of choice, jackfruit, the name Jaffjackswas the obvious choice.

In Sri Lanka, there are many more options for plant-based eating available. We grew up with a direct experience of all the tremendous variety of readily available produce, and we know that such variety can be lacking in the western diet.

Many vegan foods can be good for the environment but not so great for those who are eating them. Our desire is to provide a healthy alternative for vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians who want to improve their health.

Quite simply, we love food, and we care for our environment. We will never compromise on quality, and we always use the highest standard of ingredients when making our products.

Anjula Sivakumaran

Subodhini Sundaramurthy